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Leeds is the home of three universities, a flourishing digital tech scene, a specialism in Big Data; coupled with a number of digital hubs supporting the burgeoning startup scene. Is it no wonder then, that Leeds is driving technological innovation in the Yorkshire area?

Leeds, as well as being home to large companies such as Sky Bet, NHS Digital, DAZN, and Channel4, it is also a fast growing tech hub, hosting a number of innovative tech startups, scaleups and enterprises. In fact, Leeds has the fastest scaleup growth in the North .

According to Beauhurst’s 2018 Scale Up Index, the Leeds City Region has more scale-ups than anywhere else in the North. In fact, Leeds has the highest concentration of scale-ups outside London!

According to the Tech Nation’s Job & Skills Report 2020 some examples of Median Tech Salaries (2019) for Software Developer roles in Leeds :

£ 0 K
Software Developer
£ 0 K
Full Stack Developer
£ 0 K
Front End Developer
£ 0 K
Data Scientist
£ 0 K
Business Analyst

Over 53,000 people are employed in the digital technology sector in Yorkshire and according to Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), “The digital sector in Leeds City Region contributes £6.6 billion to our economy’.

There are many tech events, some of the more popular meetups are:

As well as having the ecosystem to facilitate startups, scaleups, enterprises, and even potential unicorns, one of the key pieces in the jigsaw is the availability of talent. Through it’s universities, Leeds produces in the region of 38,900 graduates annually, of which around 15,000 are in STEAM subjects. Due to the many attractions Leeds possesses, many of these graduates stay. It helps considerably, that a lot of the courses are business focused, thereby assuring that graduates have skills that can be utilised immediately, and that they can hit the ground running.

This is where we come in.

Whether you are a startup, scaleup, or enterprise, we are an IT Recruitment Agency with considerable experience of recruiting some of the most desirable candidates for some of the most innovative companies in the Leeds city region.

Unlike many other IT recruitment companies in Leeds, the recruitment process doesn’t end once you have recruited your ideal IT professional. We continue to work with you to ensure the candidate has a smooth employment transition and settles in well to your business. In fact, please check our Recruitment Products and see how we can de-risk the process of recruitment, and even offer a 52 week free replacement policy (PERM GOLD).

If you would like to find out more information how we can assist you in securing some of the best Software Developers, Software Engineers, in fact pretty much any IT professional, then please complete the form below or call us on 0121 569 2366.

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