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York has always been an important city. Founded by the Romans in 71AD, a major river port under the Vikings, and a major hub of the railway network, it has always been a significant junction between the north and the south.

In the last fifteen years or so, in the region of £800m has been invested in York’s science and technology infrastructure; and it’s now a thriving hub of about one hundred or so technology/digital based businesses employing more than 2400 people….and growing!

York has also been named a future technology hub. Joblift, a jobsearch engine, conducted a study in 2018 to analyse which cities and towns will dominate the UK’s technology scene in the near future; and York was the only northern city to be on the list. The study was based on towns and cities with populations under 200,000 and having both a high number of tech jobs and a high percentage of tech jobs compared to the wider market place.

York is the home of two universities, a flourishing digital tech scene, and a developing ecosystem for startups; and a new report (November 2020) from Whitecap Consulting, in conjunction with the City of York and the University of York claim that the development of a business accelerator would position York as an entrepreneurial location and a key part of the innovation ecosystem across northern England. This is precisely what the city needs inorder to take early stage and growth businesses to the next level.

There is a very strong tech community in York, and numerous tech events occur throughout the year, of which some of the more popular meetups are:

As well as having the ecosystem to facilitate startups, scaleups, enterprises, and even potential unicorns, one of the key pieces in the jigsaw is the availability of talent

This is where we come in.

Whether you are a startup, scaleup, or enterprise, we are an IT Recruitment Agency with considerable experience of recruiting some of the most desirable candidates for some of the most innovative companies in the York city region.

Unlike many other IT recruitment companies in York, the recruitment process doesn’t end once you have recruited your ideal IT professional. We continue to work with you to ensure the candidate has a smooth employment transition and settles in well to your business. In fact, please check our Recruitment Products and see how we can de-risk the process of recruitment, and even offer a 52 week free replacement policy (PERM GOLD).

If you would like to find out more information how we can assist you in securing some of the best Software Developers, Software Engineers, in fact pretty much any IT professional in York or the North Yorkshire area, then please complete the form below or call us on 0121 569 2366.

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