startup recruitment service

Startup Recruitment Service

IT Mob Limited are a specialist IT recruitment agency servicing mainly LeedsSheffield, and Manchester  based clients ranging from software houses, SME’s, full service communication agencies, and Blue Chip organisations. We have extensive experience of the full breadth of IT and digital media roles across numerous technologies and platforms.

At IT Mob Limited we believe in providing a quality and cost effective recruitment solution for all businesses.

With our new Startup Recruitment Service we are offering a preferential rate inorder to develop a strong working relationship, and help your startup secure the best talent in the market. By working with an experienced consultant, very knowledgeable in the availability of local candidates, and how to source the best tech personnel for your startup, you can concentrate on the business of making your startup a success, whilst we get on with the task of finding the best people for you.

If your startup is less than three years old, funded, and you are seeking an experienced IT recruiter to help your company grow, please get in touch:

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