What are the Key Considerations Before Relocating for a Job?

Relocating for new job

Some of the key considerations to take into account, even before you start your job search, when deciding if relocation is truly a viable option, include the following:

  • What ties do you have to your local area; and what ties, if any, do you have in the area you are thinking of relocating to?  If you are currently based in your home town, and it’s the place you were educated and have all your friends, are you prepared to leave all that behind? For young, free, and single people the opportunity to take a risk halfway across the country is all part and parcel of the adventure of growing up. The deal is always sweeter if you happen to have friends in the area you are proposing to relocate to. However, this isn’t so simple a decision if there are dependents involved.
  • Is your family on board?  Being married (or in a long term relationship) the decision to relocate is far more complicated, and there are more factors to consider. The most obvious is whether your partner is on board with the idea of moving. What if they have a successful career, and would need to give it up by relocating. Are the same opportunities available for them in the new city? Also, would you be able to cope financially on one salary whilst your partner seeks a role in the new area?
  • What about the children?  This is a major consideration. Relocating children to a new area may potentially have a disruptive and negative effect, especially if schools and security in the area are slightly below the standard where you currently reside. Another factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is that of childcare. At present you could be reliant on grandparents, or other family members. That would not be the case elsewhere, and would render childcare both problematic and expensive!
  • What is the cost of living in the new area?  If the salary offered in the role doesn’t cover the cost of living in the new area, then it is obviously not a viable option. It is imperative to consider not only housing, education, fuel, utilities, council tax etc but also more mundane things like the cost of groceries!
  • Will you be able to sell your house without losing money?  Taking the London property market out of the equation, house prices elsewhere around the UK are roughly back to the level prior to the sub-prime crisis of 2008. However, the housing market still remains weak around the country. It’s worth approaching estate agents to get an idea of how long it takes to sell a house in your local area, as well as what it would potentially sell for. Ultimately, if you’re going to get a substantially raised salary by moving, but take a loss on the sale of your home, it doesn’t make financial sense to relocate.
  • Do you really want to relocate?  What’s your gut-feel about moving to pastures new? Emotions play a major part in our decision making process, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Do you feel excited about moving? Or deep down, do you just want to stay? Are you ready to break the ties with the area in which you were born, educated, and lived for for so many years? Will you and your family be happy in this new place?

These are some of the more fundamental questions a candidate should ask themselves when pondering the question of relocation.

They are also the same questions that recruiting clients should ask candidates inorder to validate that the person is genuine and really does want to relocate.

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