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Client Loyalty Scheme

Here at IT Mob Limited we like to do things differently.

Having discovered the joy of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies a few years ago, we’ve decided to develop our own IT Mob coin to be utilised within our new Client Loyalty Scheme for our PERM GOLD clients.

The essence of it really is that, for each permanent placement that we make with you, we’ll send you 1000 IT MOB coins. Once four placements have been made, and therefore, you have 4000 IT MOB coins, you can redeem them for a free placement. This free placement can be any permanent role at any salary level

Think of it like Nectar points, but for recruitment!

As you can well appreciate, you will make substantial savings in recruitment fees as a result. And the fastest way to get to get to four placements(in order to redeem the free placement) is if we are offered more roles to recruit for exclusively.

But why, I hear you ask. Why should you do this apart from major saving on recruitment fees? Is that not enough?

The reason is simple. The nature of recruitment is who can get a CV across to the client the fastest. It’s pretty much a race. And ultimately, it’s both the candidate, and you the client, that suffers. If the candidate experience has not been good, then they may well not apply for any future roles with your company due to their previous experience. We’re trying to do something different. We want to ensure that both the candidate and client experience is exceptional; and even if the candidate does not secure a role, he will still consider your company for any future positions as their candidate journey through the recruitment process has been so good..

We want to get a complete appreciation of the company and tech/development team, and be pro-active when it comes to recruitment. If we know, for example, that there’s potentially a project going to land in the next few months where you need someone with a specialist skill, we’ll scour the market in readiness for such a role to land, and have a number of candidates who are ready when the role goes live. Therefore, you’ll receive a fast, efficient, quality focused, and very cost effective recruitment service.

So…..what are you waiting for?

Either fill out the form below, or call us directly on 0121 569 2366 or 0845 643 9060.

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