About us

IT Mob Limited are a specialist IT recruitment agency servicing mainly Yorkshire ( Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull, etc) and Manchester based software houses, SME’s, full service communication agencies, and Blue Chip organisations. We have extensive experience of the full breadth of IT and digital media roles across numerous technologies and platforms.

IT Mob are:

About Us - C for Connected


It’s all about who you know.  Recruitment is not simply about the size of your database, the amount of advertising you do, or what you know. It’s all about who you know. By recruiting purely in Northern England and the Midland;, we have our finger on the pulse, knowing all the movers and shakers in the marketplace.            

About Us - O for Organised


The resources are in place. We have the infrastructure in place to provide both candidates and clients with a first class service. Through streamlined communication processes, the latest recruitment CRM system, effective use of social media, and a dedication to quality, we will ensure that you are always updated as to the status of your application or the availability of candidates for your role.




About Us - R for Respected


Respect needs to be earned. Through constant delivery, time after time, we have become the first port of call for clients seeking candidates, or candidates seeking a new challenge. Through the provision of a fast, quality, and cost effective service, we ensure that they don’t need to go elsewhere. In addition, through our knowledge and experience of recruiting in areas such as Leeds , Sheffield, York, and Manchester, we act as an advisory service for inward investment agencies of local authorities regarding skills availability, salary surveys and other such market information etc.


About Us - E for Effective


You’re only as good as your last hire. Clients and candidates will not utilise a recruitement agency which is not effective.  We have clients who have not only utilised our services for many years, but in certain circumstances, we have become their exclusive source for recruitment. Such an arrangement can only come about through trust, a belief in our abilities to deliver,and more importantly, through constant delivery.

At IT Mob Limited we are Connected, Organised, Respected, and very Effective. We will bring these CORE skills to every assignment we work for you, whether you are a client or candidate.

Our service product offerings are specially designed to cater for clients seeking a long-term quality focused service with experienced tech recruiters.

In terms of longevity of client relationships, our Director, Dennis, has had numerous clients – many for over a decade, and others for up to seventeen years!  This is only possible through becoming a trusted recruitment partner with these clients, with a strong notion of the role, the culture, and the type of person being sought, that goes beyond the normal scope of a job description.

We have come up with a range of product offerings that will cater for all types of clients, across different price points, and differing levels of service provision.

To see how we can make a real difference to your talent managemeent strategy, please contact us on 0121 569 2366.

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