Our recruitment service product offerings are specially designed to cater for clients seeking a long-term quality focused service with experienced tech recruiters.

In terms of longevity of client relationships, our Director, Dennis, has had numerous clients – many for over a decade, and others for up to seventeen years!  This is only possible through becoming a trusted recruitment partner with these clients, with a strong notion of the role, the culture, and the type of person being sought, that goes beyond the normal scope of a job description.

We have come up with a range of product offerings that will cater for all types of clients, across different price points, and differing levels of service provision.


As a startup company (up to three years old), it’s all about the hustle and getting a viable product to market out as soon as possible; and at the same time ensuring that you’re hiring the best talent to accomplish those dreams, and that you are keeping an eye on the bottom line.

To that end, our new PERM GENESIS STARTUP recruitment services product is a fixed-fee recruitment service. Therefore, regardless of salary or seniority, the rate is the same for all hires. There is a rebate period covering twelve weeks to ensure that you have recruited the right person; and payment is by means of three instalments to provide you with the maximum degree of flexibility.

So, a quality service with an experienced recruiter, at a fixed fee, and payments in instalments…what more could a startup company ask for?


The PERM product is really a service for those clients that have irregular requirements, and/or where we are recruiting in a PSL arrangement with other agencies.  There is a rebate period of eight weeks to ensure that you have recruited the right person.


This is the same as the PERM product offering, but with the added benefit of a rebate period covering twelve weeks.


It is with this product that things change. Instead of offering a rebate period, we go one step better, and provide a twenty-six week free replacement. If, for whatever reason (except redundancy, downsizing ie through no fault of the candidate etc), the candidate does not work out then we will recruit a replacement. The PERM SILVER service works best when we are recruiting exclusively for a client, and have a complete appreciation of the role, remit, culture, and the type of person being sought through discussions with HR and the Hiring Manager and his team. It is then we can search and find the best person for the role. From your perspective, it de-risks any uncertainty with your hire.

However, the PERM SILVER product goes beyond just finding the right person. We will devise up to 10 questions, with the assistance of HR and the Hiring Manager, to be asked the candidate at regular intervals (weeks 4, 12, and 20) through this period to ensure that the role, the remit, and the environment are as expected. By undertaking such an approach, any issues can be identified early, and rectified accordingly. 


Well, this literally is the Gold Standard product we offer. This is the same as the PERM SILVER service but with the added benefit of a fifty-two week free replacement policy. This really is for those companies seeking to hire five or more people immediately.

By opting for the PERM GOLD product, clients are also eligible for the IT MOB Loyalty Scheme – our cryptocurrency based loyalty programme, where every fifth placement is free by cashing in your IT Mob coins.


IT Recruitment products services

Let us provide you an example of the recruitment of five candidates, with an average salary of £30,000 to best illustrate our recruitment products.

IT Recruitment Services Example Leeds Sheffield

For those seeking the most cost-effective option, then obviously, the PERM product is the best offering to take up. 

However, for those seeking:

  • a premium solution,
  • de-risk any uncertainty with the hire for up to 52 weeks
  • a very cost effective recruitment solution

then the PERM GOLD product is the one to go for. 

There is no other recruitment consultancy offering such a solution. 

For more information, please contact us.

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