What are Your Reasons for Seeking a New Role?

What is your real reason for seeking a new role? 

Are you bored? 

Are you looking for a new challenge? 

The opportunity to work with the latest technology? 

Career development goals not being hit? 

If so, brilliant.

If your sole reason is money only, have you asked your manager for a raise?

As simple as it may sound, when we ask the question about what are the reasons for looking for a new job we have found that a large proportion of candidates, whose primary motivation is money only, do not actually take the initiative of meeting with their manager to discuss their salary. If money is your sole motivator, please contact your manager first before approaching us, thereby saving everybody’s time.

In order to do this, preparation is the key.

You need to present your manager with a business case as to why he should give you a raise. Have you delivered all your projects on time ? Have you hit all your milestones? These are just examples of the questions that will run through your manager’s head. Build up a coherent argument as to your worth and contribution to the business and team. If the answer is still a ‘no’, ask what you have to do to get a raise? Endeavour to convince your manager to set some goals/milestones that you need to meet/exceed in order to obtain an increase in salary.

If the answer, however, is still ‘no’, then it’s time for you to look for a new role. In that case, please get in touch and register your CV or fill out the form below.

A word of warning……

If you secure a new position elsewhere, and upon tendering your resignation, are counter-offered by your current employer, do not accept! Understandably you may be elated that you have two offers on the table.

Unfortunately, we have found that 60-70% of candidates who accept a counter offer from their current employers, will be back seeking a new role within six months. If you require further information on the pitfalls of accepting a counter offer, please call us on 0845 643 9060

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