Zoom Fail The face of an exasperated man

Zoom Fail – Lecturing for Two Hours Then Realising You’ve Been on Mute!

There’s been many stories of zoom fails, but this particular one, you’ve really got to feel sorry for the guy.

The last year has been eventful to say the least.

Our work patterns have changed, and we’ve all had to embrace the joy of Zoom meetings.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t had issues with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc.

A mathematics lecturer in Singapore, Professor Wang Dong of the National University of Singapore, was delivering an online lecture for two hours to twenty students. After completing the lecture, as is standard practice, he asked the students whether they had any questions.

When no one answered him, he asked whether he should finish the class. It was then he realised he had been on mute the whole time.

The look of exasperation when realisation hits is definitely one for the books.

You really have to feel for the guy.

Please check out the video below.

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